Traditional Hymns or Contemporary Music?

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    I like that. Your last sentence gives good perspective. Since you said that, I guess hymns do seem somewhat more reverent, at least compared to pop style Christian music or Christian rock. Not all contemporary songs fit these genres though.

    I still think God enjoys it when we sing praises to Him in any form, so I don't really see it as right or wrong. But yeah, reverence is a good thing, and He certainly deserves more of it.

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      I prefer traditional hymns and I attend a church that only sings contemporary music. I continue to go to this church because I think the preaching of the Bible is more important than the kind of music that is offered.
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        I grew up singing Traditional Hymns and I would never exchange them for Contemporary Music. Sure, there are great new artists and compositions nowadays, but the memories I have that are attached with the old hymns can never be replaced. Old hymns are easier to remember and sing.
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