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    At the U of Mo., the Liberals were complaining about a swastika drawn with poop on a wall of a dorm bathroom. Why is that taken as pro-nazi? Would you take it as pro-Christian if someone smeared a cross into poop on the wall? Someone complained about the n-word heard from a passing truck. Half the youtube videos made by blacks use the n-word every 20 seconds. If people don’t want to hear it, then tell the primary source to stop using it. Really, the football team went on strike over the university’s failure to go ballistic over two fleeting instances of anonymous distasteful speech, on a campus where filth spews like a river from every Liberal student’s mouth. For example, the school paper publishes a two-word centerfold before football games with the phrase “[f-word] the [opposing school’s team name]”, except the ‘f’ is swapped with the first letter of the name of the other team, for students to take to football games to hold up.

    So, then the black students got together to share their horror stories of white racism at MU. Briana Gray shared that her roommate was singing along with a rap song, and even song along when the song used a racial slur. The students were reminded of a time in the past where white cotton balls were found on the ground in front of the black student center, a simple act of just protest taken as hate speech.

    If the black football players didn’t enjoy black privilege, they’d find themselves kicked off the team, and their full-rides cancelled for not showing up to practice (it’s already a losing season for MU). If the black students didn’t enjoy black privilege, they’d find their black student center closed, their black frats closed, and the other black-only organization son the MU campus. They’d also lose the admission points they now get for being black. They’d lose black-only scholarships and the other perks of being black at MU. If the black students didn’t enjoy black privilege, they’d be held accountable for their racial slurs and all their other offenses overlooked because of the color of their skin. It’s black privilege that allows them to act, without negative consequence, like brats throwing a tantrum and falsely accusing others.

    Sorry for the rant.

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      LOL that is so true these days

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        Oh my goodness, that was so funny! Lol. It's really a great video showing the reality of our present situation. Right now, it's hard to express your opinion, it's hard to stand out... You need to be conforming with the modern society in order to fit in. And that includes, lowering your standards, accepting their moral beliefs and being super sensitive about all issues thrown at you. It's weird, because the more that we progress, the more that we move backwards.

        Nowadays, relationships aren't even formed via conversations anymore. It's an era where families are physically together but don't even know each other. It's an era where equality is proposed but more inequality results. I don't know how we got here... I just wish we will be able to get through this.

        Like in this video, there's so much emphasis on homosexuality, race and equality that in the end, we lose them all. We are not equals at all... We belittle other genders or races. More women are hurt nowadays than before. And how do we even remedy these situations? Sadly, I don't even know how or where to start. But maybe reading the bible would be a great start to enlighten more people about the teachings of God.

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          Going off on a tangent here but . have you all noticed that people seemed too obsessed with race these days? Racism this. Racism that. One would have thought that there'll come a time when all this talk about inequality will fade into the background. You can't ask someone else for equality because we already have all the equality we need [all human, all mortal, all flesh]. While a few dumb people continue to blame others for their problems they'll find out soon enough that doesn't change anything. Take action and deal with the problems or make things worse by sitting back and complaining. Those who work hard often reap the rewards . . . even if the odds are stacked against them.

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            But, but, affirmative action! We must have affirmative action!

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              Affirmative action itself is a form of discrimination. There are no disadvantaged groups anymore. The only time when I want to see some get preferential treatment is if they are disabled. By the way, now that women outnumber men in colleges, in a decade or two they are more likely to be hired. Will men then start demanding for fair treatment and quotas? They have the same opportunities as women now but they'd rather party and drop out of school.
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