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The Last Reformation

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    The Last Reformation

    There are several YouTube channels with videos showing people "allegedly" healing others of various pains on the streets and in various public locations (stores, parks etc.). One of the most notable one I've come across is this one: WINDSOR ON FIRE - YouTube

    After doing a little research, I found out that they do some sort of recruitment of disciples. They travel to various places and people go and meet them and they give these people "the power of the Holy Spirit" so they can heal other people too.

    The whole thing is based on a movie from a few years ago called The Last Reformation, which is about this new religious movement that claims that all Christians can do miracles with the help of The Holy Spirit in Jesus' name. You can watch more about it here: The Last Reformation - YouTube

    There are other channels with street healers that claim to be using the power of The Holy Spirit to heal random passerbies of their pains.

    What is your opinion about this? Are all these 'healings' staged (hired actors) or are they made with the power of the enemy?
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