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Good Muslim, bad Muslim

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    Good Muslim, bad Muslim

    When police interrogate a suspect they sometimes use a technique called “good cop,bad cop.” The “bad” cop questions the suspect harshly and accused him of being guilty and refusing to cooperate. Then the “good” cop takes his turn with the suspect, showing him sympathy and sometimes even agreeing with him that the bad cop is unfair. This creates a bond of sympathy between the suspect and the good cop and can even lead to the suspect giving him the information he is after.

    Satan uses a similar method to spread Islam.

    The bad Muslims are the Islamic terrorists. They include organizations such as the Islamic State and Boko Haram, and Muslims who commit acts of terrorism on their own without any affiliation with a larger group.

    Bad Muslims make up a very small part of the Muslim community. Most Muslims are in the good category, meaning that they refuse to participate in or support acts of terrorism. Most people believe they don’t pose a threat to anyone, but they really a greater danger than the terrorists. The terrorists destroy people’s bodies; the nonterrorists destroy people’s souls by teaching them to worship a false god.

    Nations can defend themselves against terrorists. There are military forces in the Middle East fighting the Islamic State. Most nations are on guard against terrorist acts within their borders. But these efforts are useless in stopping the nonviolent Muslims from spreading their teachings.

    The only ones who can defend the world against the peaceful Muslims are the Christians. We have been entrusted with the gospel, the message that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead to enable us to receive eternal life. We have an obligation to share this message with everyone, including Muslims. False teaching can only be combated by teaching the truth. If you want to learn more about Islam and how to share the gospel with Muslims I recommend this site: Islam.

    Our responsibility to share the gospel with Muslims should affect our views on another subject: refugees. Many refugees are Muslims who have been forced from their homes because of their refusal to support terrorism. There are many countries who are unwilling to provide a home for these refugees. Christians should urge the admission of refugees so we will have the opportunity to tell them the gospel. We are commanded to be loyal citizens of our countries but we also have another citizenship; we are citizens of Heaven. Our heavenly citizenship should take precedence over our earthly citizenship.

    Engaging Muslims, refugees with ‘gospel love’ addressed
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