A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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    If you were selected to go preach in Syria, will you accept the offer? After watching news on how children and the elderly die in Syria, am considering contributing directly or indirectly to help those who are suffering. Has anyone here ever visited Syria?

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    I think this would be a wonderful experience. If I were to be selected to preach in Syria, I would do my best to make it a reality. I don't know if I'd be the best person to preach, but I would try. It would be an amazing feeling to preach and help others in need. The lord has done wonderful things in my life and I want nothing more than to share that with others.

    I have never visited Syria. I'm not very familiar with Syria as a whole, but I still believe that it would be a fantastic way to view someone elses reality.

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      It depends on who is doing the selection. Remember how God called Jeremiah? Jeremiah offered a number of excuses why he couldnt be a prophet but he was made a prophet anyway. There's Jonah too who was unwilling to to Nineveh but he ended up there anyway. When God calls a person to do his work, you don't say "no." You go and do God's work. So if God called me and commanded me to go preach in Syria, I'd do it [with alacrity].

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        I would definitely go if I knew without a shadow of doubt that God called me to go there and preach. I've been selected to do many things because of my gifts and talents, but not all of them were from God. The enemy has a way of trying to keep us so busy to the point where we are distracted and deterred from the will of God. Make sure you hear God clearly and when you do, you can move in immediate obedience.

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          Assyrian Christians in Syria are some of the most dedicated and persevering Christians in the world, despite the tremendous persecution they've experienced in history. Personally, I think what we can do here is to spread awareness, provide relief, and supplies to them (so yes to easing suffering). The Assyrian persecution reached genocidal proportions, mind you, these Christians do not want to leave their land. Even if we offered them a one-way ticket out of Syria most of them would choose to stay. I don't think that we need to do what they are doing (Evangelism), but I think we can do our part by providing them with what they need (safety and supplies). I think sending Missions, besides taking an unnecessary risk, is rather illogical. Why would we send someone to them to preach in a language they don't understand, only for them to translate what they themselves are preaching? Seems rather inefficient to me. I believe we are all "selected" and whether directly or indirectly can do something to help our Chrisitan brethren.

          God bless,
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