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Helping the Poor

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    Originally posted by thatbrian View Post
    Exactly. There are very few who fit that description in the US.
    I know several people in the US and the UK who struggle with this and would definitely be classed as poor. It seems that while the facilities may be available, people who need them are not always in a position to locate or take advantage or them. In cases like the mentally ill, someone paranoid may be too terrified to approach a food bank, church, or veterans' facility giving help and others due to their conditions may be unable to access support.

    There's a reason care in the community over here was dubbed "care in a cardboard box". It turns out that people who can't manage day-to-day life without assistive care, don't do very well when they are expected to, and failing to keep appointments for medication and similar just makes their problems worse.

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      Originally posted by thisnthat View Post
      I don't know where you get your "facts." Feeding America says that 1 out of 7 people go hungry every year. Many of these are "working poor" as well. Food banks are put in place for a reason.

      Even if you don't think Americans count, there are poor people all over the world.
      That isn't remotely the case. Want proof, check out how obese the "poor" are. Type II diabetes is the result to too much food.

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        That's not quite right. Type II diabetes is the result of too much of the wrong type of food. That's a problem caused by lack of infrastructure and education as much as overeating and poverty, and that can happen everywhere. If you look up food deserts (e.g. USDA Defines Food Deserts | American Nutrition Association), you will find that there are large areas where people simply can't get healthy food. If the only thing people can access to eat is unhealthy and carb- or sugar-heavy, then that causes a range of health problems including diabetes, and people will have to eat more just to get the trace nutrients they need resulting in weight gain.
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