The Christian life is a personal intimate relationship between you and Christ. This life begins in faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) and can only be lived by faith.

I am convinced I may be reprobate...

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    Originally posted by swindsor View Post
    I have been in your shoes. That feeling is so horrible and nobody seems to understand the fear and urgency. Often times we do things as Christian's that invite demonic influences into our lives. These influences are very subtle. In other words, just because you aren't spinning your head and vomiting pea soup doesn't mean that a sexual encounter, movie, or music hasn't opened a door to your young developing Christian mind. I believe these doubts that you are having are demonic whispers in your mind whose main purpose is to cause you to doubt your self. Doubt is the Achilles hill to a Christian walk just as your spiritual identity in Christ is your strength to overcome temptation. Everything that takes place during salvation takes place in your spirit. Your mind is yet to be transformed and your body doesn't have a prayer. Because we can not physically see our spirit man that has been transformed, we can be deceived into believing that we no longer belong to the father and have somehow transformed back into a dirty reprobate which turns our focus to our outter man instead of our inward spirit man who is in perfect relationship with God the Father. In a nutshell, regardless of stupid decions that you make, focus more on who you are in your spirit according to what god tells us through Paul's writings (primarily Romans and Corinthians). If you do this simple thing, you will find that directing your focus on God's love for you, instead of your puny insufficient love for him (in the outter man), sin/temptation will slowly lose it's grip in your life. Take your thoughts captive. The voices in your head that are "reasoning" away sin, tell them to shut up and that you belong to Jesus and they will disappear. God bless
    Hey ya Swindsor,

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