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Modern Darwinians are Advocating for Nazi Medical Practices!

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  • Modern Darwinians are Advocating for Nazi Medical Practices!

    Animals "rights" activist, Peter Singer and evolutionary biologist, Jerry Coyne are both openly advocating for the euthenizing (killing) of babies with "deformities". The pro-choice movement began as a eugenics movement and even though they claim it has nothing to do with that, and pro-choice people today don't believe in that, lo and behold, here they are openly advocating for medical practices that Nazi doctors were literally hanged for having done!

    Darwinian Biologist*Endorses Killing Handicapped Babies Who “Suffer” | Evolution News

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    You may be interested in watching this Brother Jason: D'Souza: What the Nazis learned from American progressives -Christforums

    It appears that this is a very strong subject coming to light amongst the Conservatives here in America lately.

    God bless,

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      Thank you. Yeah, I'm aware of several conservative books that have either come out in the last few months or are coming out that at least partially relate to that topic.
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