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On the Good

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    On the Good

    Of all the ideals, Plato thought the Good to be the greatest. But knowledge of the Good, he thought, could only come to, and through the contemplation of, philosophers.

    Since Christ, we know differently. We know that God defines the absolute Good, and found His expression in Jesus.

    But the purpose of the thread is not extol Jesus, but to examine our knowledge of the Good. My tentative position, for the purposes of this thread, is to wonder if we actually know the Good when we see it. There is clearly a quantitative dimension to life. I may have so many marbles in my pocket; there may be so many stars in the universe, and the numbers clearly differ. But quantity is only one dimension of reality. For believers, there is also a qualitative dimension. It may be good to found a family, in most circumstances; it may be better not to, in others. It may be good to refrain from killing, mostly, but there may be a moral imperative to kill, sometimes. There is goodness in distinctive, hierarchical layers, then. The basic idea is a degree of goodness, ranging from worst, to worse, to bad, through neutral, to good, to better, to best.

    For the sake of argument, I will conflate Plato's notion of the Good, with what is morally, objectively, best. Good with a capital 'G' then, for this thread, refers to absolute goodness, the level of goodness beyond which there is nothing better.

    My questions to the forum are these. Do you know the Good? How do you know the Good? How do you know you know the Good? Can you persuade others (such as a sceptical me) that your knowledge of the Good is more valid than their knowledge of the Good? If you do not know the Good, do you think it worth questing after? If so, how will you know it when you find it? If not, what is a better goal in life?

    These enquiries will do for starters. There are plenty more, to follow on with.

    Best wishes, 2RM.
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    Originally posted by 2ndRateMind View Post
    But the purpose of the thread is not extol Jesus
    Well, first of all, if its not to "extol" Jesus, (the whole purpose of existence) and where all "goodness" is found, then your questions are meaningless. Philosopher (love of knowledge) which more aptly applies to the Theologian.

      Thank you Jason. Welcome to the discussion.

      Best wishes, 2RM
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