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Is Edward Snowden your friend or an enemy of your security?

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  • Is Edward Snowden your friend or an enemy of your security?

    [FONT=trebuchet ms, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=16px]It seems that the USA along with the UK and some allies have been keeping the whole world, including you and me here on this web site, under surveillance for a decade and more. Edward Snowden revealed that after he copied tens of thousands of documents that the USA has on its government networks and that are regarded as secret in varying degrees. Is this man your friend because he's shined a light into the dark caverns of secrecy housing government records about you and your doings on the Internet and on your phone and whatever else involves electronic exchanges of information? Or is this man an enemy of the state and as such a threat to your personal safety because he relieved government secrets kept on members of the world's leadership, private citizens, wealthy and not so wealthy people, artists and political commentators and so forth? What is the moral principle involved in your answer? Is there an example from biblical law to show that revealing government secrets is a bad thing?[/SIZE][/FONT]
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