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Is God male?

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  • I personally don't think God is male. I think God is more of just a gender-less cosmic being with infinite energy and power. Yes, the book was written by men but think about this. When we say mankind, we are talking about the entire human race, man, woman and child. The terms back in those times are much more different than they are now.

    • I think most people thinks God is male because of some reasons. He designed the first man after his image. We call him father and most Bible verses about him uses male pronouns. God is a spirit with no body though. He doesn't have a body, he is a powerful omnipotent being that created everything. He is the reason why the Universe exist. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

      • Yes, I believe that He's a spirit with what we would consider male-like features.

        • Jesus is God, and He definitely has "male-like" features. Of course, unlike The Father or the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus has two natures, Divine AND human, a male human to be exact (and so He remains in Heaven, even today).

          We've made a lot of images of the Father as a male human being floating in the clouds over the years, but is there any reason to believe that a spirit, particularly this Spirit, who is omnipresent (IOW, all of Him exists in all places and at all times at once), also maintains a localized shape or form as well? Is there any Biblical evidence that tells us this is true? People "heard" His voice at His Son's baptism and on top of the Mount of Transfiguration, but does the Bible say that anyone has actually seen Him?

          Remember that along with the Bible telling us that "God is spirit" .. John 4:24, Jesus made it clear when He was among us that NO ONE has ever seen God the Father .. John 1:18 (though many obviously saw Jesus, both as a man in the NT, and in various forms in His pre-incarnate state in the OT).

          There is one example I can think of in Acts. Right before Stephen was stoned to death he told us that He saw the Glory of God, and Jesus standing next to Him in Heaven .. Acts 7:55-56, but he doesn't give us a description of what he saw, what the Father's "glory" looked like, just that He was there.

          Perhaps there are some other Biblical examples that I'm not thinking of right now??

          Yours and His,
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          • The Father is masculine but I doubt He's "male" unless he has a male spiritual reproductive organ, which I cannot even type with a straight face. Male and female denote biological function, which applies to organic material/flesh, neither of which the Father is of (He is a spirit). The Messiah was the only one to have seen the Father, and he calls Him "Father," so there is a pretty good hint towards His character.

            • God's Word always refers to God as He, the Father. Jesus Christ was born into Jewish culture as a male and grew into a mature male. Messiah means God with us.

              So -- you don't think that Jesus Christ was a male in every sense of the word? Even with the physical organ? He was as male as any man who's ever lived on earth. And He Also lived as a single man with temptation all around Him, but did Not Sin. The liberal secular world would have Jesus having an affair with Mary Magdalene just to give single Christian men an excuse for having affairs. But, WE know that That did Not happen. But -- Jesus Christ -- here on earth -- God incarnate -- was a baby growing into an adult Jewish man -- being tempted in all ways but Without sin. To show Us that it Is possible to live a Godly life -- Not sinless perfection -- but a Godly life Through the power of the Holy Spirit who does live within us.

              Jesus Christ was tempted by satan, himself -- while here on earth. He responded back to satan with Scripture - - rebuked him. We can do the same.
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