Join with others to discuss God and/or the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity (Godhead). Discuss the attributes and characteristics of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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    Throughout our history, many great minds have come up with ideas and theories, some scientific, psychological or philosophical in nature, which all attempt to explain or indicate that there must be some kind of God force. Franz Mesmer, from where hypnosis and mesmerism were derived, believed in animal magnetism and that there was a universal force that acted upon everyone and everything. Wilhelm Reich had similar ideas and called it Orgone energy. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the Oversoul, CG Jung called it the Collective Unconscious. More recently, quantum physics is suggesting that consciousness and energy go hand in hand and that they are universal. Has this God force been evident to us and yet undetectable all this time?

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    We don't need God theories or any proof to know that God is real. Would a miracle make people believe in God? Jesus was here 2000 years ago. He performed miracles for three years. Did things no man ever did. He raised the dead. Fed thousands. Healed the sick. But very few people believed that He was the Son of God. If these miracles had no effect on the Jews, I doubt that theories would convince people that God is real.
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