Presbyterianism, whose bodies are also called Reformed Churches, share a common origin in the 16th-century Swiss Reformation and the teachings of John Calvin, and today is one of the largest Christian denominations in Protestantism.

The Lord is God!

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    The Lord is God!

    Things have been great, just wanted to share the meditation of my heart throughout the week. I've been thinking about the Lord and it's like, wow, the Lord is God! I was working this week at a water reservoir up in the mountains where I live and during that time there was an electric storm; there were flashes of lightning and peels of thunder around me. I'll admit, it's kind of scary being up a mountain with that stuff. But while I was there, I was caught in awe wonder, and marveled greatly at the power and strength of the Lord; these things are the works wrought by the arm of the Lord! And what is man compared to the Lord? I'm just dust, literally, for dust I am and dust I will return.

    Just wanted to share how thankful I am that the Lord is God, and ultimately it's God in control of everything. Why should I fear for my life, possessions, things; they're all gifts from the Lord anyways, and he's saved me from my sin, shame, and misery. The Lord is strong and powerful, my fortress and my shield, he thunders through the skies yet collects His children like a hen beckons her chicks. Haha, I love it!! :)

    G'day brother,

    Just dropping in to say your post is refreshing and a wonderful way to start the day.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    God bless,
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