Presbyterianism, whose bodies are also called Reformed Churches, share a common origin in the 16th-century Swiss Reformation and the teachings of John Calvin, and today is one of the largest Christian denominations in Protestantism.

Baptism Debates Between Baptist and Presbyterians

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    Baptism Debates Between Baptist and Presbyterians

    Earlier that day....

    Baptist: I disagree with altar calls and the emphasis placed on a one time Sinner's prayer.

    Presbyterian: I agree.

    Later that day.....

    Baptist: An infant should be baptized upon their repentance and confession of faith. Their ceremony as an infant was not an actual baptism.

    Presbyterian: I'm glad my kids won't ever be baptized upon their "profession of faith." I confidently teach my kids about salvation in Christ. Not the "likely" salvation or their "someday" salvation once they agree to some basic concepts. For a child in a Christian home, credo baptism might be dangerously confusing...

    Baptist: Can the justification won by Christ be applied to a person apart from regeneration, faith and repentance?

    Presbyterian: Are you not blown away by the idea that you don't control when that actually happens for a person? That you haven't a fraction of the necessary understanding to comprehend the miracle of God's saving grace? In the depths of our humility we gladly baptize our babies, knowing that their salvation is part of God's perfect plan. It impels us to worship and to exercise the sacrament that is appropriate to the New Covenant established by Jesus' death and resurrection. Justification is not won (in any part) by baptism... and never has been.

    Baptist: Silence.

    Verses that aren't in the Bible:

    But, Abram challenged God saying "But,Lord, infants can't outwardly express faith."

    And so the whole household was baptized, except the infants because they can't outwardly express faith.


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