Christ and Grace.

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    Christ and Grace.

    Yes, Let us "explore Christianity." That is, until someone with a small amount of authority becomes upset and weakly responsive. Paul made his living expounding upon his understanding of the Grace of Christ. Yet, the strange thing about his permutation of The Divine Plan for Redemption of Mankind is that Christ never spoke of Grace . Not one time.

    Christ did demonstrate Grace, but He did not endlessly babble on about it as did Paul, and He did not fabricate so many crazy aspects of Grace as did dramatic and chat filled Paul. Paul was indeed the "apostle" for all of today's Professional Church Talkers, who are so excited about verbalizing whatever they can think of to add to the Grace Bucket. Easy Believism fills the pews and the church operating budget.

    Christ preached otherwise.
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    The Scriptures, not just Paul, say we are all sinners, yet there be few who are saved. Since we cannot be saved by our works, as none does good, no, not one, it has to be by grace that we are saved through faith, which comes from the Father - John 6:65. As for your rhetoric on Paul, it is just that.
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