The Correct Way To Be Right.

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    The Correct Way To Be Right.

    1.) Martin Luther and John Calvin gave excellent insights for us regarding how to convey correct Godliness. In their righteous Christian Truth, they were overtly antisemitic to all Jews, to the point of advocating their social ostrasization, their economic ruin, their personal degradation, and the loss of all their historic value. That is the correct way to be right. They also never had the guts to persecute Jews themselves, but only told others to do the dirty work. Similar to how today's Professional Pulpit Jockeys like to tell other people what to do as they themselves demonstrate nothing.

    2.) A very useful means of causing one's correct ideology to overpower inferior ideologies is to condescend, patronize, and presume superiority over them by using the Imperial Pronouns "We/Us/Our" when reviewing one's Superior Theology. Using "We/Us/Our" assures one has been placed by God Himself to represent a large segment of consensus, regardless of how wrong it is. It makes a person speaking "We/Us/Our" appear to have been educated, or at least recently been in a seminar, or something.

    3.) A not so easily recognized trick to assert one's correct Theology is to take charge of a question or an issue under discussion by modifying the topic at hand, such that the clown presuming to take charge (in the name of Christ, of course) can then start spouting some pet ideology, calling it an "answer."

    4.) The use of specially selected Preacherese Language is rarely without some effect, especially upon those who attend church, yet have not the intelligence to think about what they listen to each Sunday. "In Faith." "By Grace." "For the Glory of the Lord." "Let us unite our hearts in prayer as I drone on without consideration for any rational thought."

    5.) Please do not forget to note the most excellent tried and true method of reliance upon never ending rhetoric devices, psychological crowd control, mere emotional button pushing, incomplete thoughts to be completed by those being hypnotized, thereby receiving The Word of God.

    These are a few of the methods for being a Right Christian.
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    Kind regards,

      William, I understand exactly where you are coming from. Truth must be qualified, and managed by ... somebody. Please review my lovely introduction in the Chit-Chat Section. Will that help your heart feel better? Bless you with the blessings of all Reformists after the fine Apostleship of Reformism's Founders.

      Will we be speaking again, or am I perhaps not predestined? At one point, any point, might you go ahead and state if you obey Jesus' Commands? Or, is your Preordained Faith merely expressed in confidence, leadership style, and panoramic Theological views?

      I will thank you in advance, Dear Friend.
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