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    Bible Church

    I grew up going to a Bible church. I think the most similar thing to it that I have found is Baptist. I've been to a few really good Baptist churches that have a very similar doctrine to the church I grew up in, but that one was strictly non-denominational. I've yet to find a Bible church in my area though, so I usually find a good Baptist one nearby if possible.

    There is a newish, large one here that I've attended on several occasions. I'm just not sure if I want to become a member.

    I kind of like the idea of non-denominational. I felt like it was ... a bit less ritualistic, I guess.

    I like the idea of a church wich may focus on worshiping the Lord as opposed to being tied to some sort ritual or sect. The denominational landscape seems to be full of strife. My assessment may seem to be a bit harsh but this is the experience that I have had. I have seen the vs, situation involving Catholics, Adventists, Pentecostals, and Jehovah Witness to name and I am saying these conflicts should not have been necessary because it all boils down to that they are all praising the same God Why can't it be that they all come together and be as one in their actions instead of splintering the process because of their varying sub-beliefs?
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