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    So, I am on the mailing lists of a gazillion religious organizations and charities, so I receive a lot of material mailed to me; some requested, some not. Some of it is within my faith tradition (Anabaptist), while some of it is not, including something in the mail today. Today I received a small parcel of books from authors named Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. The names did not ring a bell, so I google searched on it and .... I'm not sure about this. Some of the information looks to be good, while others are pretty cultic.

    Anyone familiar with these authors or their movement? Is my gut instinct that these are problematic teachers correct or should I read the books? Thank you.

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    A good place to find out about teachers who may be false is apologeticsindex.org. I looked up Witness Lee and Watchman Nee on this site and here is what I found.

    Living Stream Ministry / Local Church / Local Churches / Lord's Recovery | Apologetics Index

    Watching Out For Watchman Nee

    Apparently your gut instinct is right about both of them.
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      Yikes. Yah, these books will get toss or set aside. Thanks for the links. I've now bookmarked Apologetics Index. Thanks for the resource.
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