Getting closer to Jesus through Confessional Lutheranism

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  • Getting closer to Jesus through Confessional Lutheranism

    Soli Deo Gloria. To God Alone be the glory. If one is an academic who loves history, like me, Confessional Lutheranism has much to offer, not only plenty of books by Dr. Martin Luther, Pr. CFW Walther, Martin Chemnitz or any of the other Lutheran Reformers, but also a solid Scriptural base through which to approach faith. Faith, we learn, is a gift from God that draws us to God through Christ Jesus. It is God's grace through faith alone that leads to love and thence to good works. We are fed weekly through the gifts of Word and Sacrament and the Holy Spirit inspires us day by day to return to our baptism, to ask the Lord to drown the old Adam within us and raise us up as new men and women in Christ. God never meant for us to be pew- sitters only, but to actively participate in the life of our local congregation. Sometimes, all it is is to extend a warm hand to a visitor, or to help with ushering duties. Sometimes it's a little more substantial, like accepting responsibilities on a church council, or teaching a Sunday School class.

    When one feels the stirring of the Holy Spirit to do these things, one realizes that it is a gift to have the privilege to perform such duties. Serving thus is never a drudgery, but a joy and a reason to sing the praises of God. Reading Scripture, studying the Lutheran Confessions, all of that is all very well, but what happens when the Spirit inspires you to apply the things you read to your daily life? You learn. You learn how great God the Father is, how saving is God the Son and how majestic in holiness is God the Holy Spirit. Taking Holy Communion, partaking of the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in, with and under the bread and wine, being united to the Lord of your life, the Lord who brings you Everlasting Life, increased faith and forgiveness of sins, energizes one to go out and sing of God's mercies, to tell everyone what He has done. May God bless us all with His call to holiness, to salvation and sanctification. In Jesus' most Holy Name, Amen.

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      These links will lead you to some good talks about Lutheranism. Number 3 is a film dramatization of the life of Dr. Martin Luther.
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