What is in a true confession?

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    What is in a true confession?

    In this article I hope you can understand some of the "why's" as to how a person's eternal salvation rests in their profession of faith to another person and nothing else.The teaching of Paul concerning salvation was established on a saying of Jesus, which is not movable, no matter what man believes, namely "Whosoever therefore shall confess (declare) me before (to, at, against) men, him willI confess (declare) also before
    (to, at, against) my father which is in heaven."

    There is no judgement on God's part concerning your salvation. Your name is either written in heaven, or it is not. Jesus is the only one who can write it there. It comes by your confession to another person, not works. In your confession you are letting go of your ability, admitting to man that you can't save yourself, that God made the way through His Son. Jesus establishes this fact for you in heaven,His way!

    If I ask you this question, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead?" and if you believe this in your heart, and respond with a "Yes," then the ten items below are in that "Yes!"
    1. You are admitting who God is, who Jesus is, and who you are.You have been brought to admit that God sent His Son and that we all needed salvation, just like God said we did.
    2. You are revealing your faith in a God you cannot see.You are exposing to the world and mankind what is in your heart. Your declaration of what's in your heart is the act of your faith.
    3. You are admitting there are no works you can do; only Jesus' blood covers sin.Whether you really understand this or not, by your declaration you are admitting that only God can really give you eternal life, through His Son.
    4. You are admitting your sinful state.You may not know it but you are admitting the true sinful state of all mankind!
    5. You are admitting everything God ever did and said is true.
    6. Your inability's are in that profession.Are you not admitting that there was absolutely nothing man could do to save himself?
    7. Repentance is in that profession.
    8. Submission is in that profession.When you declare or release your faith to another person you have finally submitted to what God has said and done.
    9. The revealing of everything you are now and everything you will be is in that profession.
    10. A positive drive is in that profession.

    Hi Kennedy,

    Just wanted to welcome you to Christforums!

    Enjoyed your thoughtful write-up.

    God bless,
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