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US Retention Rates of Various Denominations and Religions.

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    US Retention Rates of Various Denominations and Religions.

    I found this chart to be interesting:

    The Protestant denominations look relatively bad in the above chart because people can change between the above Protestant categories without feeling like they're changing their religion. Protestants have a retention rate of 74%

    High retention in Hinduism and Islam is expected because large percentage of these populations are recent immigrants. They grew up were there was no pressure, which may be an understatement, to change their religion and they come here where language and cultural barriers which help their retention.

    The high retention rate for Jews is expected. No one really tries to convert them. Evangelicals and Pope Francis might even think attempting to win them to Christ is a sin. Only one 1 out of 50 people raised as Jews convert to Christianity. The Jewish religion makes few demands, even allowing Atheism, and is comfortable, even happy, with the immoral and secular modern American culture. This offsets the fact that Jews are surrounded by Christians, as well as my own personal judgement that the Bible is vastly superior to the Talmud to the reasoning man.

    Baptists have a high retention rate because Baptists churches are anywhere you go. And, many Baptists churches have modern services to appeal to current fads in theology and style.

    I'm a bit surprised by the Lutheran retention rate. Congratulations.

    Pentecostals lose half their children, but they still gain more than they lose. Leaving Pentecostalism is like leaving a cult; it's a serous indictment against Pentecostalism. Why would you leave a church and a movement whose leaders claim to be performing miracles by God? Either you're insane or you think they're liars. Just like, how can you leave Mormonism without implying Joseph Smith is a liar? Pentecostals gain a lot of desperate people looking for miracles in their lives, or people who want to be entertained.

    Non-denominationalists are low on the chart, but they're the fastest growing Christian subcategory. Maybe their retention is so poor because of the shallowness of the experience and because many of these churches are personality cults. When the popular pastor leaves, the church crumbles. They attract a lot of people because their leaders tend to be very charismatic and very calculating in what it takes to get people to come.

    Yep, Presbyterians are low in the chart. The largest Presbyterian denomination, representing the majority of Presbyterians, has gone apostate, sending Christians fleeing.

    The biggest surprise in the chart is the low retention rate of Jehovah Witnesses. It's not because of their doctrine (relatively bizarre doctrine doesn't hurt Mormon retention). It must be because their meetings are incredibly boring and the church is overwhelmingly obsessed with recruitment to the degree that they're really hurting themselves.

    Atheists are at the bottom. Should we celebrate? This is the fastest growing category. And, all Americans are increasingly Atheistic in their worldview.

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