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Jesus' Commands In Scripture Are Worthless.

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    Jesus' Commands In Scripture Are Worthless.

    It has now been established that "One does not need to study Scripture to know what the Commands of Jesus are." Here is why:

    1.) The recorded Commands of Jesus in Scripture are not authentic, and are not to be followed by reading them.

    2.) The Holy Spirit is described in Scripture to have been indwelling the original contemporaries of the NT Writers. Therefore, Christians today only need to have a personal affinity for those Scriptures, and mentally "claim them," in order for them as well to have The Holy Spirit indwelling them. This means Jesus really did not need to "Breathe" on The Disciples in John 20:22 to confer The Holy Ghost. All the Disciples needed to do was just agree with Joel's Prophecy in 2:28 about The Holy Spirit being poured out. Jesus made a mistake by brea thing on them. In fact, those Disciples needed to be ignorant of Joel. Because "One need not study Scripture to follow Jesus Commands." We can ignore Paul's directive to "Be filled with the Holy Spirit," because we need not read Scripture.

    3.) When one relies upon The Inner Filling of The Holy Spirit to guide them apart from studying Scripture, they then can claim His Voice as a source for any type of Religious sounding statements, such as Praying to Mary as The Mother of God. Forget there is no Scripture showing that, and forget Christ's directive to "Pray thusly, Our Father ... "

    4.) We can learn all about Jesus' Commands by believing people in some sort of Church Authority position, based upon Church Tradition, and upon the expediency to support one's trusted family friends instead of trusting the actual Words of Jesus in Scripture.

    5.) Jesus' Commands in Scripture are not as important as the long winded and Churchy sounding explanations given for not literally following His Commands. Those explanations just make more sense than the recorded Words of Jesus.

    6.) Anyone with supportive friends available to talk with who just feels like they are saved does not need to follow Jesus' Commands.

    7.) A lot of times, Jesus' Commands in Scripture are a real inconvenience to literally follow, and it is much easier to just speak of them in general and speculative terms. In Faith Believing. With wonderful confidence. Using Preacherese Language.


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    Kind regards,
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