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Making peace with Jesus.

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  • Making peace with Jesus.

    I heard that even though you give your life to Jesus, and you still like the world, you can not be saved. The only way to be saved is to give up everything. How do I 'give up everything'? Do I give up my apartment too and live in the woods? How do I 'give up everything?'

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    Who is feeding you this BS? Jesus never said everyone had to give up everything to follow him, he only said that if we love this world and all its trappings more than we love him then we would not find eternal life in him.

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      and Luke 14:33

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        Well all I can tell you brother, is do not believe everything that people tell you, instead test the spirit behind the message. And the internet is full of false prophets and rubbish!

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          What about the message of giving up everything? It is in the Bible.

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            The wuoted passage was specific to a young man who had made his possessions his personal god. So if you suffer with the same issue then you need to ask God if He wants you to dispose of all you own to follow Him, but if not then you canrely on all of the rest of the gospels and epistles for guidance about giving and stewardship.

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