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Indecision, Indecisive, Undeniable

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    Indecision, Indecisive, Undeniable

    this seems to be the best section on this site to post this.

    Now on the face to face witnessing I don’t have a lot of recent experience except when I first came to the Lord some 38 years ago, but I have spent some time on Christian and philosophy web sites. And it seems when in conversation with those who don’t believe, or at the least say they don’t, their position is really based on two things, though they seem similar but they are to different stances. hence guarding their own judgment of what is good for themselves. For the fear that the Truth of God is undeniable.
    deliberate indecisiveness by characterizing the existence of God as mainly inconclusive to justify being undecided; hesitating; irresolute.
    Sustaining want of decision; showing inability to decide or to make up one's mind; a wavering between possible courses of action; hesitation as though there is a choice to be made, and accusing belief in Jesus Christ to be a “blind faith”, but they are sure of their place they are in now, and that is where their faith is, or comfort is, and seek to remain there. It seems in this case familiarity is preserved and argued as sight, but the prison of sin is still a prison (as in condemned to death of one’s soul) no matter how comfortable one might be while waiting for that result.
    Feasting on doubt to save, and preserve their lives. As in trust nothing but one’s own judgement of what is good for one’s self, because one consumes what sustains the life being lived. Like as flesh doesn’t sustain the cow’s life being lived, but flesh does sustain the wolf’s life being lived. Or as the believer’s daily bread is of the Lord, not of the earth.

    Hence self is primary, which is the law of the flesh justifying survival of the same. plainly valuing satisfactions and fulfillments in this life, that are in their hearts to do, of which they say they chose, but they truly can’t escape. One cannot escape what is in one’s heart unless what is in it is replaced by the revelation of Christ to replace the Life they have, which would include the hearts and minds.

    None of this is written in stone, it’s just an observation posted for discussion.
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