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Does praying always lead to truth about doctrine?

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    Does praying always lead to truth about doctrine?

    Possibly one reason that there are disagreements in theology, and ones that often quite severe, is due to my belief that praying doesn't always lead everyone to total truth. For instance, the Jehovah's Witness prays, the Muslim prays, the Mormon prays, the Presbyterian prays, the Roman Catholic prays. Nonetheless, they are often not lead to the same answer.

    What might be some biblical reasons that praying and seeking doesn't lead everyone to the same answer, even though they all claim to worship the same God?

    Hi Jason,

    I think it is first important to understand that we are finite and unable to fully perceive or comprehend God's infinite wisdom. Secondly, God answers our prayers at times through ordinary means. That is, God uses Teachers to educate (Ephesians 4:11) us in His word. Thirdly, I think too many people expect some kind of direct Matrix type download of information, interpretation takes discipline. Lastly, too many people haven't an issue blaming the Holy Spirit for bad interpretation. One of the quickest ways to end a conversation with me is to say the Holy Spirit taught you while implying you're right because of that and all others are incorrect. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in absolute truth, and that some truth is more closer or plausible than others, and all the while I acknowledge that sometimes there are multiple perspectives a person can have given a verse, especially when reading John, an author known for making multiple allusions.

    Prayer and meditation on the word is the correct way to approach Scripture, but don't forget, God works with ordinary means.

    God bless,

      When we pray we are speaking to God. If we want to learn about God we must listen to him instead of talking to him. We do this by studying what he has revealed to us in the Bible. While doing this we need to pray that he will help us understand what he is saying, but we need to listen to God instead of just talking to him all of the time.
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