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Question about Noah's Ark

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    Originally posted by luri View Post
    it is very surprising how did the similar myth find its way in Hinduism.
    It isn't surprising if the story is a real historical event. If the flood really happened we should find stories about it in many cultures around the world, and in fact that is what we do find.

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      Okay if the story about the ark is true, then what would be strange about animals from all over the world would be present in the ark. The power of God is so awesome that it's not beyond him to organize any event as he would see fit to do. There are so many things that happen daily that we live it but we have no idea of how it exists in the form it does. So many wonders. We can't even determine how the Pyramids were built, all we can do is speculate. So there are many things and events that are here for which the explanations for their existence are beyond us.
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