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Mutations, and why you shouldn't marry your cousin

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  • Mutations, and why you shouldn't marry your cousin

    Are creation geneticists wrong about mutation rates? And how distantly related should parents be for genetically healthy offspring?


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    A question -- if 1st cousins should Not marry -- for genetic reasons. -- then how did Noah and his sons and daughters-in-law repopulate the earth by themselves? Their kids would have been 1st cousins. But God Did tell them to be fruitful and multiply didn't He. There were no other people young people around To mate with. The same has been said about Adam and Eve --that it would have been impossible for the earths' population to have survive more than a few generations because of inbreeding. I , myself, Do believe that Adam and Eve and their children were the 1st family. But their kids would have been mating -- wouldn't that have been incest?!

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      Adam and Eve were created perfect, with no genetic defects. There would have been no problem with their children marrying each other. Over time mutations have caused genetic defects in all of us, so now it is dangerous for close relatives to marry.
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