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    Who was Jerome and why was he significant? In this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Dr. Stephen Nichols introduces us to the translator of the Latin Vulgate.


    Jeromy translated the Old Testament from the the LXX. His was the second translation EVER of the Old Testament . . . except where the writers of the New Testament have created their own version of quotations from the LXX, and where not from the LXX, from the OT Hebrew.

    That was all very good.

    But there was ONE 'expression' I have discovered myself for what it is worth to the serious student of the Scriptures, where everybody has followed the 70 in one serious oversight which as a result has never received due recognition.

    The English was only the second translation of real significance in all history, that by Wycliffe of the Vulgate Latin, and that by Tyndale of the Greek of Erasmus' compilation.

    As recent as 1611 the translation with the greatest influence upon all humankind ever, the KJV was first published as 'Authorised Version'.

    In that Version obvious attempt had been made to distinguish and articulate the particular phrasing I am referring to, to be understood better. But history proved its real meaning and importance got lost for posterity.

    I have personally been involved in vehement debate on the point of order. I believe I have discovered its primitive and divinely inspired meaning. For which claim I have been made the laughingstock of Christian as well as Jewish Hebrew scholarship.

    Of course. had my discovery been groundless speculation, no one would have taken it seriously, would any? It seems they rather would.

    The phrasing I am referring to is in some places in the KJV rendered with "the selfsame day". Which is a unique phrasing and consequently, but unknowing and subconsciously, caused me to begin think, But just why . . . ?

    Then came the discovery: This was the exact same thing which has been the subject of my wholehearted investigation for forty years of my life and I never, could have guessed!

    God is my witness; I speak no lie. I will not -- by God's grace -- succumb to all the condemnation I have so far received because of this INSIGHT that the gracious God has entrusted to me.

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