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  • Pentecostalism

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    Regarding the video's accusations of racism and the quoting of the words "negro" and "colored", those were the respectful terms back then. The term "African-American" hadn't been in use before the 1970s. And, so MLK Jr, in his speeches, uses the word "negro". And, we have the National Association of "Colored" People, a black civil-rights organization. The video didn't support its claims of racism, nor explain why it is relevant for us to understand the history of Pentecostalism.

    Pentecostal and Charismatic are essentially synonyms terms. The word Pentecostal is usually used in reference to denominations that call themselves Pentecostal. And, so, an Assemblies of God Church is Pentecostal. A Roman Catholic congregation with the same practice is called Charismatic.

    Also, tongues of Pentecostals is real language like communion grape juice is real blood, both doctrines are abuse of scripture and defy all common sense.


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      To add to post 2, there is no way one could prove the tongues are not of demons.
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