World War I and the Church

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    World War I and the Church

    Before around 2003, especially before the 1990s, conservative Christians tended to be anti-war, or at least didn't have the idolatrous lust for war that is now common among Evangelical Christians.

    For an illustration, I searched the Southern Baptist Convention's resolutions. The only pro-war comment during the period of WWI I found was and the end of this run-on sentence:

    Recognizing the humane and far-reaching work of the American Red Cross in supplying, through many channels, comfort and relief to those in our land, nursing the sick and wounded abroad, feeding and finding homes for hundreds of thousands of orphans in battle-scarred lands, we heartily approve its great work, and commend to the liberality of our people the present effort to secure the one hundred million dollar war fund.

    It's a resolution, in the final year of WWI,1918, to support the Red Cross, not the war. Sorry, it's not a pro-war resolution. The hundred million dollars appears to be a red cross drive.

    Compare to many 21st century SBC pro-war resolutions. Here's the mid-section of a 2003, for a war started glaringly unjustly (not self-defense, and not for honest reasons): (jumping into the middle of the resolution)

    WHEREAS, The 2002 Southern Baptist Convention called on the United States government to protect our people against rogue nations in their quest for weapons of mass destruction; and

    WHEREAS, We believe Operation Iraqi Freedom was a warranted action based upon historic principles of just war; now, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, June 17–18, 2003, affirm President George W. Bush, the United States Congress, and our armed forces for their leadership in the successful execution of Operation Iraqi Freedom; and be it further

    WE CAN'T BE PRO-WAR AND SERVE GOD. WE CAN'T HAVE FREEDOM AND SUPPORT WAR (FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN A TRUE DEFENSE OF OUR FREEDOM). Notice the new tone: Boasting of an earlier call to war and then a celebration of victory (that led to the genocide of Christians in Iraq and the end of Christian cultural influence in America, not to mention the billions of dollars spent and the thousands of lives lost).
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