Grand-dad's war stories ... testimonies of protection

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    Grand-dad's war stories ... testimonies of protection

    Possibly something your dad or granddad recounted ... Do you have one to share?
    These things should be documented before they are forgotten!

    . . . . . .

    I have found a selection here.

    I recounted the story of 24,500 troops escaping Narvik (Norway) protected by a sea fog that shielded them from German warships Sharnhorst and Gneisenhau only 1 mile away to our guide at Bletchley Park. He said "there are many of those stories, all for us, none for them".

    Taken in isolation they may be attributed to "good luck", but put together maybe not so.

    My grandfather before he died used to tell us the story of how in the Second War World he and his detachment escaped a besieged harbour under cover of darkness. If they had used a boat to get to the waiting evacuation vessels the noise would have given them away and brought down enemy fire, so they strapped themselves under barrels as floatation aids and floated out to them. It was a miracle they weren't spotted, but they got away.

    With who the Allies were fighting, is it really such a shock that God may have intervened? Many of the commanders certainly seem to think someone favoured them.
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