Biscuits !!!!

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    Biscuits !!!!

    Let's get hungry okay? How about some good home made biscuits complete with real creamery butter on top? Warm, soft, wonderful biscuits!!!

    Yeah, I know you think I am a bit looney but try to follow me when I tell you of my most favorite recipe in the world, *My grandmothers biscuits*!
    Here's what we need: Lard, flour, salt, baking powder, butter milk and real butter.

    uh.......before we start mixing all of this together, let's first examine the ingredients.
    Lard: Pig fat. Yup, rendered pig fat. It's not the sort of thing one would be apt to take a spoon full of and just plop it into the mouth is it? Man, that hurts just thinking about doing that.
    Flour: Yeah, we all know all about flour but again, not something that is very easy going down the throat nor does it taste good.
    Salt: Okay, it might be okay to put a tad on the end of your tongue by itself but it doesn't really pump up the salivary glands does it?
    Baking Powder: Gotta have it for leavening, just a bit mind you but again, it doesn't have much taste by itself.
    Butter Milk: I know that some people just love a glass of it with their ham hocks but for me it is only good to cook with or make salad dressing.
    Real Butter: Yeah, now that is something great but again, by itself it's pretty oily and doesn't do much for me.

    Now, let's cook up a batch of biscuits. Just combine all of the ingredients except the butter, and mix it all together using your hands. It doesn't have to be real smooth like bread dough and if it is a little dry, just put in more butter milk. Pat everything out, cut your biscuits out and place on a lard greased pan and bake 'em at 375 until they are golden brown. Look good? Take one, put it on a plate and put a dab of butter on the top. Warning.....Do not hold the plate over your head or I swear that your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get to it!

    Now, what am I getting to?
    ROMANS 8:28........... " For we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God and to them that are called unto His purpose."
    Note, if you please: The verse doesn't say that ALL GOOD things come together for good, but just merely ALL THINGS.........Just like our biscuits.

    Nothing in our ingredients truly portrayed a good thing to put into your mouth all by itself, but once they came together, were heated up a little and then topped with!!

    Once we find ourselves going through some fire that is beyond our understanding we just count it as one of the ingredients of the good things that the Lord will provide for us when it all comes together. Put some Jesus Christ right on top of the victory and it's an AMEN type of a day!!! God Bless, and have a little fun. We are, after all, the children of God..........Bobby

    Wow, that was a good read up there. Are you a preacher? if not you might consider being one. You will win a lot of souls.

      Originally posted by flonyash View Post
      Wow, that was a good read up there. Are you a preacher? if not you might consider being one. You will win a lot of souls.
      Yes indeed. I have been in the home missions field for uh......let's just say........a lot of years!! I was a pastor of a fairly large church some years ago but decided that my true calling was involved with the homeless of this country (U.S.A.) and in particular the homeless veterans.

      There are more miracles inside the walls of a mission than I ever felt were happening in an established church atmosphere. But, our callings and gifts are those that God gives us. I love mission work and am quite well suited for it but others are suited to pastor more established groupings of the body of Christ.

      Winning souls? My goodness no......I am a farmer...........I only plant seeds! ha ha

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