The lineage of Jesus

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    The lineage of Jesus

    This is actually the question of my husband that no one had answered satisfactorily. Even the parish priest in our village was speechless on the matter. In the part where the lineage of Jesus was enumerated from Abraham, that is a quirk or a factual error. If Jesus was the son of Joseph then it is only right to state his bloodline from the forefathers of Joseph. But since Jesus is just a foster son of Joseph then the bloodline stated in the Bible is wrong because Abraham's genealogy ends with Joseph... and Jesus. The question now is this - what is the reason why the writer of the Bible stated the bloodline of Joseph and not Mary? Take note, Jesus is the son of the Holy Spirit and Mary.

    Matthew was writing to Jews who saw the Messiah as their king. He gives Joseph's genealogy because Joseph was in the royal line and it was through him that Jesus inherited the right to be king of the Jews. Luke was writing to gentiles and describes the birth of Jesus from Mary's perspective. Like Joseph she was a descendant of David but through Nathan rather than Solomon. The genealogy found in Luke was hers.

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