Tears and Laughter

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    Tears and Laughter

    Last years at a retreat I reconnected with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time. I laughed with them as we enjoyed the reunion, but I also cried because I knew how much I had missed them.

    On the Last day of our time together we celebrated the Lord's Supper. More smiles and tears! I rejoiced over the grace of God, who had given me eternal life and these beautiful days with my friends. But again I cried as I was sobered by what it had cost Jesus to deliver me from my sin.

    I thought about Ezra and that wonderful day in Jerusalem. The exiles had returned from captivity and had just completed rebuilding the foundation of the Lord's temple. The people sang for joy, but some of the older priests cried (Ezra 3:10-12). They were likely remembering Solomon's temple and its former glory. Or were they grieving over their sins that had led to the captivity in the first place?

    Sometimes when we see God at work we experience a wide range of emotions, including joy when we see God's wonders and sorrow as we remember our sins and the need fro His sacrifice.

    The Israelites were singing and weeping, the noise was heard far away (verse 13). May our emotions be expressions of our love and worship to our Lord, and may they touch those around us.
    -Keila Ochoa

    I think one of the best feelings you can ever experience is having to wait for something or someone, and being able to see them again. That feeling cannot be replicated. The feeling of longing to see someone, talk to someone, be in someone's company. I think it's the same with God, I think we live our lives knowing that He will be at the end, ready to guide us in the next life. I have had lots of debates in my head about this, but I think that's the general consensus is that the wait is part of the journey, the feeling of longing is part of what makes the after effect great, and it would make the reunion a lot more special if you have invested your emotions and time on it.
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