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    True Communication

    Walking in my North London neighborhood, I can hear snatches of conversation in many languages-Polish, Japanese, Hindi, Croatian, and Italian, to name a few. This diversity feels like a taste of heaven, yet I can't understand what they-re saying. As I step into the Russian cafe or the Polish market and hear the different accents and sounds, I sometimes reflect on how wonderful it must have been on the day of Pentecost when people of many nations could understand what the disciples were saying.

    On that day, pilgrims gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of the harvest. The Holy Spirit rested on the believers so that when they spoke, the hearers (who had come from all over the known world) could understand them in their own languages (Acts 2:5-6). What a miracle that these strangers from different lands could understand the praises to God in their own tongues! many were spurred on to find out more about Jesus.

    We may not speak or understand many languages, but we know that the Holy Spirit equips us to connect with people in other ways. Amazingly, we are God's hands and feet-and mouth-to further His mission. Today, how might we-with the Spirit's help-reach out to someone unlike us?
    -Amy Boucher Pye

    There's this story I heard. It was about how a hymn [In The Sweet By and By] got people who didn't understand each other to share "a heaven on earth moment." Though they were supposed to hate each other [it was during the cold war when these two met by accident] this hymn made them realize they had more in common than they thought because they were both children of God. While getting to understand each other can be great there's something which we've been given that is even better. Share the gift of kindness with others and these deeds speak louder than [a million] words.
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