Translator Versions of the Bible?

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    Translator Versions of the Bible?

    I was in a Christian bookstore years ago and they had Bibles by different translators. They were all gone when I went back to buy them.
    If you were a translator, you probably had to translate the Bible and you were on a translation committee. I'm sure some of these translators had their own translations of the Bible.
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some references.

    I'm not talking about Bible versions on Bible Gateway. I'm looking for versions that aren't well known.

    What do you mean by translator versions? Do you mean translations by individuals, rather than committees?

      Yes. I own "The New Testament" by Dr. Kenneth Weust. He was one of the translators of the NASB and part time professor of Greek at Moody Bible Institute. I also own his commentaries on translating the New Testament.

      I know there are others but Christian booksellers seem to be promoting newer materials that I can get anywhere.

        Here's one I played with a while back, the KJ3.

        I don't see much value in them. The Bible is too big a job for even the best translator to do even a half-adequate job translating alone. I do find translator's notes to be very helpful, especially when those notes amount to commentary about translation choices.

          Thank you. I have Jay Green's Interlinear Bible.

          I know there are four other translators that have their own translation.
          There are other modern day translators whom aren't on any translation committees as far as I know but they claim to have translated almost word for word to the NIV and NASB.
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