Translator Versions of the Bible?

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  • Translator Versions of the Bible?

    I was in a Christian bookstore years ago and they had Bibles by different translators. They were all gone when I went back to buy them.
    If you were a translator, you probably had to translate the Bible and you were on a translation committee. I'm sure some of these translators had their own translations of the Bible.
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some references.

    I'm not talking about Bible versions on Bible Gateway. I'm looking for versions that aren't well known.

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    What do you mean by translator versions? Do you mean translations by individuals, rather than committees?

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      Yes. I own "The New Testament" by Dr. Kenneth Weust. He was one of the translators of the NASB and part time professor of Greek at Moody Bible Institute. I also own his commentaries on translating the New Testament.

      I know there are others but Christian booksellers seem to be promoting newer materials that I can get anywhere.

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        Here's one I played with a while back, the KJ3.

        I don't see much value in them. The Bible is too big a job for even the best translator to do even a half-adequate job translating alone. I do find translator's notes to be very helpful, especially when those notes amount to commentary about translation choices.

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          Thank you. I have Jay Green's Interlinear Bible.

          I know there are four other translators that have their own translation.
          There are other modern day translators whom aren't on any translation committees as far as I know but they claim to have translated almost word for word to the NIV and NASB.
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