The Free-Will Version Bible (FWV Bible)

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    The Free-Will Version Bible (FWV Bible)

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    The newly released Free-Will Bible has become an overnight sensation among Arminian pastors and preachers. This ultra-modern Bible meets all the needs of those who hate a God who saves whom He wills when He wills and who love a gospel that puts the spiritually dead sinner in the driver's seat of his own salvation.

    Some ground-breaking features of this new Free-Will Bible include:
    • Removal of Psalm 5:5 & Psalm 11:5
    • Removal of Psalm 65:4
    • Removal of Daniel 4:35
    • Removal of Matthew 20:16
    • Removal of Matthew 22:14
    • Removal of Mark 13:20
    • Removal of John 1:12-13
    • Removal of John 15:16
    • Removal of Romans 3:11
    • Removal of Romans 8:7&8
    • Removal of Romans Chapter 9
    • Removal of Ephesians Chapter 1 including verse 5 & verse 11 which contain the troubling word "predestination" and verse 4 which contains the problematic word "chosen"
    • Removal of 1 Peter 2:9
    • Removal of a total of 27 instances of the words "elect", election, elected [Click here for list of those verses].

    Other popular features of the new Bible include footnotes to help you to interpret words like "all" and "the world" out of context. Users of this new bible should have no problem promoting a false free-will gospel. So instead of being at God's mercy, God will be at your mercy, waiting and hoping for you to choose Him. Now doesn't that take all the fear and trembling out of salvation? Don't you just love it, to be able to save yourself at the last minute on your deathbed, just by calling on the Lord Jesus Christ when you know you will never have to confess Him before men and never need to forsake your lifestyle? Isn't it great that your salvation depends solely on YOU and YOUR wonderful FREE-WILL and not on God exercising His good pleasure and His discretion to save whom He chooses?

    Protestant Answers

    Is this for real or a joke? If real, what is the source of your info? I know people have been doing this mentally all along, but to actually edit predestination/election out of the Bible? They don't believe in God, then.

      Obviously, it's a joke soaking in a pot of sarcasm. Using humor, they're highlighting the verses they believe support Calvinism.

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