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  • KJV - The Cambridge Paragraph Bible of 1873

    [SIZE=16px][FONT=trebuchet ms]I've been using a KJV Cambridge Paragraph Bible (of 1873 AD) for the past two years - mainly for quotes on message boards such as this but also for some personal reading. The one feature it has that is missing from many other editions of the KJV is that it has paragraph marks throughout the entire bible thus enabling a reader to see the verses that make up the most immediate context for each verse in the bible. Like all KJVs each verse is printed as if it were a separate paragraph but the paragraph marks show which verse or portion of a verse marks the beginning of a new thought or theme. I like it despite the absence of the deuterocanon.

    Here is a link to Acts 17:22 and following.

    My printed edition is from Hendrickson Bibles. It looks like this:

    It's bonded leather and the pages are sewn in. It seems fairly robust. So far it has proven itself sturdy and I am a fairly frequent reader - I have read this edition from cover to cover twice so far. The New testament more than four times. When I bought it it cost me $22.65 postage paid to Australia, if you buy it in the USA it would likely be a little cheaper.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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