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We don't need to commit sin in christian life.

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  • We don't need to commit sin in christian life.

    Extracted good passages from the book "Eternal Gospel"
    Christ within will lead him not to sin
    because when the flesh of a man has been crucified;
    he does not react to sin anymore.
    Instead, this man will be ruled by the Lord,
    who keeps him from sinning (1PET4:1, 2).
    A believer, who takes up his cross firmly,
    will then be controlled by the Lord,
    who will lead him into the peaceable
    fruits of righteousness (RO1:17, 6:16).
    This believer can live without sin
    because it will cease its power of enticement over him(1PET4:1, 2).
    The Lord, who is peace, can then take the one,
    who lives above sin, spotless and blameless
    to the new Heaven and new Earth(1THESS5:23; 2PET3:14; HEB9:28).
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