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  • Of Pearls and Pigs

    In Matthew 7:6 Jesus said, "Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you." The words dogs and pigs portray that which is vicious and unclean. The terms seem appropriate ways to describe the enemies of the gospel.

    Jesus here instructs His followers that in their relationships with enemies of the gospel, they were to be cautious, recognizing that these enemies may turn on them and even kill them. The spiritual information we give to others should always be in accordance with their capacity to receive it. Perhaps one reason Jesus exhorted the disciples to purchase a sword to take with them was that they could be attacked by enemies of the gospel (Luke 22:36).

    The bottom line, then, is this: We must be cautious in what we say and not throw our pearls of wisdom before those who have little or no spiritual capacity to receive them. We must be cautious not to treat the sacred as if it were profane. We should be careful not to pass on holy revelation to unholy people who will have nothing but disdain for the things of Christ (compare with Luke 10:10-11).

    Even Jesus put this maxim into practice. He gave no answer to Herod Antipas when Herod "questioned him at some length" (Luke 23:9).

    Pearl of Wisdom: Be cautious about passing on the sacred to the profane people.

    --5 Minute Apologetics for Today
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