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    All believers should have an Ebenezer, or stone or place of help - 1 Samuel 7:12. This is where we receive our faith in Jesus Christ and turn our life over to Him - Psalm 40:17. At our Ebenezer is where we turn our life over to God, thus: Romans 10:8-10. I will concede as per my own experience that I was gradually led closer to believing in Jesus as my Savior, but when I received the Lord it was through a distinct point and place and time, which I responded to Christ in so doing as expressed in Romans 10:8-10. One must confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in one's heart that the Lord raised from the dead in order to be saved.

    I have heard false doctrine which teaches that we come to Jesus gradually and come to believe without verbally praying thus. As can be seen in Romans 10, this is wrong. There is a place of our help when we come to believe, turn over our lives to Christ believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths, i.e., a sinner's prayer. Alter calls can be useful, but not necessary for this. The altar call must also not preach Arminian doctrine in how we are saved by our own free will. If anything, it should be preached that it is God's choice, not by our works whereby we are saved. If one does not know their Ebenezer, that could be a problem. I am just quoting from the Bible and deducing from those references as to how we are saved.

    Even before Jesus' death on the cross, the thief was saved because He called Jesus Lord and asked to be remembered when Jesus reached His Kingdom. Notice how he believed in his heart and confessed with his mouth the Lord Jesus' resurrection? Even he was saved. So it must have been for all OT saints as they were divinely given the knowledge not only that their Redeemer lives but that He rises from the dead.
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