I discovered that I was attending a church of Christ not a presbyterian church...

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    I discovered that I was attending a church of Christ not a presbyterian church...

    First off I'm sorry if the title (or the topic) is too funny for you to be able to respond :D :D I was as some of you know a Christian until I was 16 years old, left Christianity and then I returned after swinging between many paths I returned 3 months ago but not to the orthodox church that I was raised in, I saw that I didn't agree with many things in it (The real physical presence in the Eucharist, the reverence of the bodies of saints, salvation with works, confession to a priest and some more I can't remember) I returned and saw that the nearest protestant church _that I thought was presbyterian_ was called the church of Christ...

    I thought that it was just the title I didn't know there was a denomination called the churches of Christ, I recently learned that they believe in speaking in tongues _though I never saw them speaking in tongues_ and its pastors graduate from the apostolic theology school and not the presbyterian... I didn't know anyone in the church and they are very few in number, me and two girls are the youngest attenders there... I needed a community before I needed a church, I was _before going 3 months ago_ praying in home and listening to sermons and praise songs and so... now I don't know what should I do, the two presbyterian churches near me I can't attend, one of them is my crush's church (the crush that refused me so we can't be in the same place) and the other church's pastor has a sexual scandal (I don't know if he was fired or not) there's a friend who wants to find a church too but he lives far from me and we have to find a church someplace in between (that would be about an hour of commuting) should I try to go and see that other church that had the scandalous pastor and see if he was fired or go with my friend and try to find a new church?

    I mean I left the orthodox church because I was not convinced with some of their beliefs and I am not convinced in the unknown tongues too, I don't care if they can reason it with bible verses I just find it illogical that unknown tongues can be beneficial for the speaker! Is there anything I should know about the presbyterian church, any additions to the church of the acts of the apostles, I also have something against the Calvinistic belief that god chooses whoever he wants for heaven and condemns whoever he wants to hell so I mean mother Theresa or Gandhi can be in hell if god didn't choose them but Hitler can be in heaven?! In the Eucharist I believe it's just a memory but I know that the presbyterian church believes it to have spiritual presence too, is that right? Can you also please give me advice on how to pray, because I find that I repeat my "requests" and nothing is achieved...

    I'm sorry if the post was very long, I can't express myself in few words. and I'm sorry if I posted it in the wrong sub forum.

    The Church of Christ is not a denomination of a church. There is no headquarters, and the only authority in the Church of Christ is the bible itself. Church of Christ members do not speak in tongues, or dance, or have snakes, either. I think there are many misconceptions about the Church of Christ today. Doctrine is simply a fundamentalist approach to the bible: Do not add to the word of God, and do not take away from the word of God, as it says in the last chapter of Revelations. I think it is considered to be a 'strict' church in that the members have a fear of God, and therefore try to do as the bible instructs to do.

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      I know that the presbyterian church believes it to have spiritual presence too, is that righ
      As far as I know the Catholic church is the only one that holds this belief. I suggest you find out whether the pastor who was involved in the sex scandal was fired, and if he is you should visit his church. Any church can have a pastor or member fall into sin. It is how they deal with the sin that shows whether or not they are a good church.
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