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  • Re-baptism

    Years ago when the preacher of my new husband's family church came for a visit, I asked him that since I was baptized many years before at my own family's church, would that be sufficient if I were to start going to his church. The preacher replied that I should be re-baptized.It kind of felt like a slap in the face to me. My niece on the other hand, recently jumped at the chance to be re-baptized. How do other Christians feel about this?. Isn't once enough??

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    You need only be baptized once as that takes away your original sin and gives you a new life in Christ. Once you have this new life in Christ, there is no reason to get re-baptized as that would infer that Christ's saving power wasn't sufficient initially at the original Baptism, which is patently false. In the Catholic Church, any baptism from a Christian denomination is recognized as the one true Baptism so there is no need to be re-baptized to become a Catholic. That preacher seems to be ignorant of the sacramental power of Baptism and I would look with a jaundiced eye at the teachings he espouses.

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      I agree that being baptized one time, when you are involved and understnding why you are being baptized, should be fine. However, it seems that some churches feel that only a baptim into their particular church is legitimate. You can attend the church; but you cannot be considered a member of the church until you are also baptized by that church.
      I have gone through this scenario several times during my life, because I moved and wanted to join a new church in the area that I moved to. Even after having a long discussion with the pastor, and him agreeing that my previous baptism was fine between myself and God, he just said that the rules of his church were that no one could be accepted into the church as a member unless they were also baptized into that church.
      Since I couldn't see where it was any kind of a spiritul problem, and I did want to belong to the church, I finally just agreed to the re-baptism; but I do not think it was necessary, except that it satisfied their requirements for membership.

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        Originally posted by Happyflowerlady View Post
        You can attend the church; but you cannot be considered a member of the church until you are also baptized by that church.
        G'day Happyflowerlady,

        Any Reformed church recognizes baptism done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Though I question whether your previous baptism was legitimately made, or the new church's Pastor believes that they are the "only" church rather than part of the universal or catholic church.

        The Nicene Creed would be a great study tool, and one to base questions from when asking questions about a church. Listening to a person's understanding of this Creed usually uncovers some very sound doctrine or misunderstandings which can be counted as "red flags".

        God bless,

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          Whether my baptism was considered correct and acceptable by the church standards or not, is probably part of the issue. I had belonged to the Church of God originally, and when I moved to a different state, there was only a small local church nearby where I lived. My neighbors all belonged to that church, and since it was the only church in that area, I started going to church there. It was basically a community church, although it was Baptist by denomination.
          Because of the church rules, they really didn't care what church I had been baptized in originally, but didn't allow membership into the church to anyone that they did not baptize themselves.
          Because I know , in my heart, the commitment that I had to Jesus when I was baptized the first time, I totally feel that the baptism is valid between myself and God, regardless of whether the church regulations accepted it or not.
          Since it is my relationship with Jesus that is important to me, and not just the relationship with any particular church, I didn't see any spiritual need for the re-baptism; but did it as a concession to their church rules.

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            Originally posted by Happyflowerlady View Post
            I didn't see any spiritual need for the re-baptism
            Neither do Catholics and Protestants. Anabapist and Baptist are a different story.

            Just putting emphasis on the Nicene Creed's statement concerning one baptism and one catholic "universal" church Ephesians 4:5.

            God bless,

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              I think it is important to be baptized once for each time Jesus Died and was Resurrected for you. :)

              [Yeah, once is enough ... and even that once (with water) is just an act of obedience AFTER salvation and not a prerequisite FOR salvation.]
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