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  • Watching For Christ's Coming

    If a believer on The Father through His Son Jesus Christ wants to be found watching for His second coming and the events, then know that Jesus and His Apostles commanded us to be watching. Our Lord Jesus also revealed in His Word the events to happen leading up to His second coming to gather His Church. To watch then, each believer has a personal decision to make...

    1. The believer can go ask and heed someone else besides The Lord:

    This might be a pastor, evangelist, minister, or an elder in the Christian Church you attend. But did you bother to directly ask our Heavenly Father in Jesus' Name first, and discipline yourself in His Word to know where He showed us?

    2. The believer can go study many Bible commentaries:

    You might find some good Bible commentaries, and some bad, because some men seek position and self-gain, as we were warned by our Lord Jesus about the "hireling" in John 10, and by God through His Old Testament prophets (Ezekiel 13), and by Christ's Apostles especially for the last days (2 Timothy 4).

    3. Or you can go live your life how you want while thinking you will escape all the coming troubles:

    That includes the thinking that since you have believed on Jesus and got baptized, then there's no need to be watching, instead thinking since you're already saved, so why watch, i.e, just be ready, which men's idea of being 'ready' is such an elusive and undefined idea that no one can really define what it actually means. Most brethren believe they are to be 'ready' for Christ to return, but not all brethren are 'watching' for His return. There's a difference between those two ideas. One is a state of mind that can allow one to disregard Scripture about the times and the seasons of the end of this world, the other is to be aware according to times and the seasons as written by staying in The Word of God.

    4. I present the most reliable answer:

    ​Stay in God's Word for yourself, asking our Heavenly Father through His Son, and get down to disciplined Bible study. Check your teachers directly in God's Word, regardless of what credentials they claim to have. If you do that, then you will 'know' when something being taught in the Church is not Scriptural, and is instead of doctrine devised by men. Often, it will take quite a bit of Bible study to be sure of when that is happening (two or more witnesses in God's Word are required for it to be a valid Biblical doctrine).

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    When we cut out the return of Jesus coming back at anytime we have cut the heart out of missions and the reason to become a follower of jesus Christ, when the Holy Spirit is earging a person to become Christian.


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      Waiting for my righteous King to return for the prophecy that was unto Hezekiah to be fulfilled once again in Christ... Isaiah 32:5 KJV

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        Trist, do you think you will witness it in your lifetime? I believe that the tribulation will come first before the return of Jesus Christ. I read matthew 24 and that is what it says.

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