What next after the 1000 years reign?

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  • What next after the 1000 years reign?

    I've read in the book of Revelations that Gog and Magog shall return after 1000 years to deceive the world again only to be quickly destroyed by fire.But what happens after that ? Will every one go to heaven? Will the animal and human race become extinct. Muslims believe that Jesus will defeat the anti christ, marry and die like a normal man. Believers will be taken to heaven and the wicked will be left here till judgment.
    ​​​​What do Christians believe?
    This is open to discussion.

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    You can find the answer by reading Revelation 20:11 to the end of the book. There is the final judgment when all who are evil are thrown into the lake of fire. After this a new earth is created to replace this one, the New Jerusalem descends from heaven to earth, and then begins an eternity of worshiping and serving God without any more sin or death.
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