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Next month will mark my one year anniversary of returning to Christianity. But, more importantly…being ‘born again.’ I’ve had a lot happen over the past year, mostly good things, but even when bad things happen…we can learn from them. We can grow. As believers, we grow in the Lord.

The last time I posted a blog entry here, I was engaged. Well, that’s over. Rewind back a few months, my ex fiance decided that he wanted to live together before we officially tied the knot. The problem wasn’t that he wanted to play house before we married, but it had to do with the fact that he showed a worldly side of him that I didn’t notice until those very moments, when he kept trying to convince me of why we should live together. I’m worldly, too…we all are. We live in a very worldly world, where many chase after carnal pleasures, and pretend that life is only about satiating one’s many appetites.

So, we went around and around about it, and came to the rightful decision that parting ways was best. By far, it’s been the ‘easiest’ break up I’ve ever been through – and that told us both something, as well. The thing is, when we have Jesus in our hearts, we should feel that He wants the best for our lives. As frail humans, we think that chasing our deepest desires will satisfy us, and make us eternally happy. But, it rarely does. This is why addictions exist – the need to keep giving ourselves more of whatever we think we are lacking, sometimes takes over our rational thinking. But, Jesus. With Him, life can be different. Better.

Before I returned to Christianity, I followed my own desires, my own ways, my own thoughts…and for a time, I felt convicted and righteous in my mindset. But, such living will leave a person vapid and empty…always seeking something more…something or someone else…to make them happy and fulfilled. In my eyes, nothing will fulfill us, like the love of Christ. Nothing.

No man. No woman. No job. No trip. No drug. No activity. No amount of sex. No amount of money.

Nothing can come close to the power that is behind the wisdom, love and passion of Jesus.

And being born again is all about channeling this wisdom, love and passion so that we may give it away to someone else. To the world. To our loved ones. To those who don’t love us back. We are to be the light of Christ for the world to see, even if that light doesn’t come back to us. But, Jesus sees what we do, and nothing that we do for Him, goes in vain.

So, fast forward to about two months ago, and I’m in a new relationship, now. He is a Christian man, but moderate. I don’t judge anyone’s walk with Christ, but I told myself that the next guy I get into a relationship with, has to be at least walking with Him. He is a police officer, and a southern ‘good ole’ boy type. On paper, he is not what I would typically date. But, in reality, I get lost in his gaze, and he in mine. He is so good looking, and while the chemistry is very strong, I don’t want to get lost in mistaking it for love like I have in the past.

I’ve never believed in soul mates and still don’t, but God paves our paths for us, if we are open to His plans. There may not be that ‘special one’ for us all, but if I had to guess what God might want for us in terms of romances, it would be to find someone who doesn’t cause you to stumble on your faith walk. Then you’ll know, that is the right person to continue with, or at least explore a relationship with.

If I had moved in with my ex fiance, I would have stumbled. Once we stumble one time, the rest of the tumbling becomes easier and easier. A domino effect if you will, begins to take shape…and soon, saying yes to things that aren’t of Christ, becomes the norm.

This world is filled with temptations, and Jesus said that following Him wouldn’t be easy. But, if you just stay close to Christ, you will handle those worldly obstacles in away that they won’t become burdensome. God wants you to love your life, and to live out your very best life. Chasing money, sex, and other material pleasures, honestly will not bring us lasting peace and joy. We may think it will, but it won’t.

I’m so grateful to have returned to faith – that Jesus never left me. He was waiting for me, all that time, while I was searching for something that only He could give to me. If you are searching for peace and happiness, where are you looking? Pray about it, and feel God’s love come upon you, fill you up, and move the mountains that you have placed in your own life. Jesus never leaves us, but He lets us leave.

And when we return, it’s as though we never left. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be.