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A Christian view of The Walking Dead – the everyday believer

Zombies taking over the world. Could that ever really happen? Lots of jokes and memes on the internet poke fun at the thought of a zombie apocalypse. If you’re totally unfamiliar with this hit TV series, the story basically depicts an outbreak that when after someone dies, he/she ‘resurrect’ as a ‘walker,’ or ‘biter,’ as the show defines them. A disease of sorts permeates cities, states, and eventually the entire country (possibly the world) causing a collapse in life as we know it. There’s no electricity, running water and agriculture and manufacturing come to a screeching halt. Pandemonium ensues as many people start to become savage in how they treat others outside of their own families, and ‘survival of the fittest’ begins to take shape as a bleak reality.

I freely admit, I’m addicted to this show, now! Something that has come as a surprise to me however in watching this series, is the Christian message that is woven throughout. Sometimes, it’s subtle, at other times, not so much. There is a character named Hershel who is Baptist preacher, and he is poised in different episodes, reading the Bible and standing strong for faith, as his group grapples with what each new day brings its way. It’s not a preachy kind of message, but his character is a breath of fresh air not only within the series, but in terms of Hollywood, and the anti-Christian film industry, in general.

But, there’s something deeper, that if you’re a Christian, you should be paying attention to, as the seasons continue on. It’s not a message that really jumps out right away, but over time, you may draw the parallel like I have to how many are ‘dead’ in our present culture, in their everyday living. They don’t follow Christ, and are wandering around, aimlessly lost…looking for something to satisfy their hunger, but they never find it. After we die, we are promised eternal paradise with Jesus, if we only but follow Him and His teachings. If we believe that He is the way, the Truth, and the Life…we will live forever, and will not perish as the world will soon perish. Like the zombies from The Walking Dead, there are people who are physically alive in our midst, but spiritually dead. They may be coworkers, friends or family members, and it’s awfully heartbreaking to watch them waffle through life, stumbling…wandering…lost and confused…but not willing to follow your advice as to how to escape such a dismal existence.

When I was an atheist, I didn’t feel all that badly, but there was something gravely missing in my life. Every day seemed the same, chasing money…serial dating…working out for vain reasons…following the American dream, whatever that even means. I was spiritually dead inside, and didn’t even realize it. I just felt bored, or like I should be doing this or that with my time, because that is what the culture suggest for me to do, with my time. Likewise, many people are just existing, and not really living. Having left Christianity for a few years, and returning to it last year – I can see such a difference in how I perceive life, now. It’s almost like going from watching your life as though it were a black and white movie, and it suddenly becomes colorful, like a rainbow. When you receive Christ, when you allow Him to take over your life and change your heart, you will no longer be aimlessly roaming around like a zombie with no purpose. Your purpose will be to seek Christ in all you do, and be Christ for others to see shining through your life. You can’t be an instrument for Christ, if you’re dead inside.

And Jesus said to him, “Leave the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:60) This passage used to confuse me, but it was explained that what Jesus meant, was that there are going to be people who refuse to see the Truth, therefore, they are dead. Living a physical life, but spiritually dead. In other words, Jesus is explaining to the person in the passage, that the dead choose to be dead, perhaps…but, to go and proclaim the Gospel to those who still have a chance, at least. It’s a very somber message in that it warns us to pay attention to Jesus’ teachings, and stay close to Him, always. Straying from faith, or having occasional doubts are not the same as refusing to accept Jesus in one’s life, as the Way, Truth and the Life. Everyone has doubts from time to time, I’d like to think the most devout preachers and popes have had doubts too, if there is a god and if he loves us as the Bible states. But, in faith, we have to fight through those doubts. The world tries to tempt us away from our beliefs, and like The Walking Dead, the ‘’living’’ are tempted to become immoral, in order to survive. At nearly every turn, there’s a moral dilemma that the cast faces, and what those moments convey is that a crisis won’t make you into something you already weren’t when you arrived at the crisis. Instead, it will reveal who you are. Which is why there are characters who are greedy, diabolical and looking out for only their own lives, whilst others seek to save others, in the midst of chaos and violence.

Just like Jesus did. He suffered, and was crucified for you and me. For everyone. He could have taken an easier way out, or perhaps blended in with the culture of His time. But, He took the hard road, because He came to earth for a purpose, and that purpose was to give us a new life. A new life In Him. Ourbest life.

So, if you’re following The Walking Dead, think about your own life, and what would be revealed about you, if such a life changing series of events were to fall upon you. Would you become hardened, and just seek to survive? Or would you stay true to Jesus, and seek to live?

Even as Christians, we can sometimes go through the motions of everyday living. Life has a way of becoming monotonous at times. There are days when we’re on auto-pilot, it seems. But, with Christ, our lives have meaning and purpose. Don’t be like the walking dead. In Christ, we are born again, and nothing, not even a zombie apocalypse will ever change that.