Thinking of my grandmother today, here is one last entry that I'll probably make for the week. Until the weekend, perhaps.

‘’You don’t need a man, you don’t need a god…what do you need, Deidre?’’
‘’I only need you, grandma.’’
This conversation plays over and over in my mind, whenever I reminisce over my grandmother who passed away last year. She was beautiful, and in her younger days, had stunningly gorgeous, red hair…like something you’d see out of a fairy tale. She was Catholic, and it bothered her, that I had identified as an atheist – ‘’abandoning God’’ – as she’d say.
I found myself serial dating a lot, up until late last year, when a former boyfriend came back on the scene. Often, my grandmother and I would have these talks about men, and how I should need a man. ‘’Women need men, Deidre. Even you.’’ Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed dating men, but there was a time when I just didn’t think I needed one in my life. Need being the operative word. I’d laugh off her comments and tell her that times are different than when you were young, grandma. She’d reply ‘’times change, but people don’t.’’

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