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Above the hills of time the Cross is gleaming,

Fair as the sun when night has turned to day;

And from it love's pure light is richly streaming,

To cleanse the heart and banish sin away.

To this dear Cross the eyes of men are turning

To-day as in the ages lost to sight;

And for the love of Christ men's hearts are yearning

As shipwrecked seamen yearn for morning light.


The Cross, O Christ, Thy wondrous love revealing,

Awakes our hearts as with the light of morn,

And pardon o'er our sinful spirits stealing

Tells us that we, in Thee, have been re-born.

Like echoes to sweet temple bells replying,

Our hearts, O Lord, make answer to Thy love;

And we will love Thee with a love undying,

Till we are gathered to Thy home above.

Thomas Tiplady

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